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Travis Easton was born in Melbourne in 1972 and has been camping with his family since he was a baby. As he grew his enthusiasm for the great outdoors was fostered by his involvement with the scouts and later by his growing obsession with rock climbing. As a climber he visited and climbed many obscure cliffs that are inaccessible to non-climbers and as a result of this he has always been fascinated by the idea of leaving the trodden path to see what lies beyond. This deep curiosity has been indulged in the many other outdoor pursuits he engages in like bush walking, white water kayaking, sea kayaking, caving and multi day alpine trips on cross country skis and snow shoes.

On all these trip his camera has been on hand to record his experiences and over the years this aspect has grown into an important part of how he expresses his deep connection with the natural world. Inspired by such photographic masters as Peter Dombrovskis, Joe Cornish and Galen Rowell, Travis has gradually developed his own style and hopes that his work can convey his reverence of nature to others.

This desire to explore and photograph saw him become increasingly enamored with Wilsons Promontory which he spent many years exploring in the early 2000s culminated in the release of his first landscape photography book in 2010.

As his family has grown his wilderness forays have been squeezed primarily into a weekly short walk undertaken in the few short hours between the end of work and nightfall. In this small window he has explored a huge amount of the greater Melbourne area in search of waterfalls and to his great surprise has resulted in the unearthing of many previously unmapped and undocumented water features. The result of this labor coming to fruition in 2015 with the release of his book 'Melbourne's Waterfalls - 314 Waterfalls within 100km of Melbourne.'

Fenwick Bight and Rodondo Island from Roaring Meg FallsFenwick Bight and Rodondo Island from Roaring Meg Falls